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Our Phytoterapic products are aproved by the Argentine Health Department. Each one of them correspond to different therapies and all of its elaborating processes are made according to GMP standards. ADISOL HEREDIA Re ...

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Your environments perfumed per months! It perfumes your home, business or office of a modern and decorative way. WAY GIVES I USE: 1.-Desenroscar the lid and to withdraw the insertion of plastic. 2.-6 rods To return to sc ...

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Body splash - colony for bath

Body splash that they perfume, hydrate and strengthen the skin with emollient agents and the freshness of his essences. Fragrances: lilacs, gardenias and orange blossoms. ...

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Anti Hair Loss Shampoo For Dyed Or Damaged Hair

Contains 60% Pure Aloe Vera. UV Filter. Tratamiento Regenerador Capilar - 350ml. This shampoo has been specially formulated to wash dyed or damages hair. Due to the high porcentage of Pure Aloe Vera, it helps preven ...

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Damaged Hair Treatment Gel

Contains 98% Pure Aloe Vera. Anti Hair Loss Tratment - 150ml. Unique hair gel that repairs ans strengthens hair. With 98% Pure Aloe Vera, it penetrates the scalp preventing hair loss and nourishing its bulbs. Can be ...

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Contains 30% Pure Aloe Vera. Restores and nourishes hair - 350ml. This conditioner was developed to detangle, restore and nourish hair. With daily use, the essential aminoacids, vitamins and proteins present in our P ...

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Anti Hair Loss Shampoo For Normal To Dry Hair

Contains 60% Pure Aloe Vera. Regenerating Capillary Treatment - 350ml. This shampoo was specially developed for dry hair. Its formula cleans without damaging, resulting in a healthy and soft hair. It activates blood ...

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Anti Hair Loss Shampoo For Normal To Greasy Hair

Contains 60% Pure Aloe Vera. Regenerating Capillary Treatment - 350ml This shampoo was developed with a high porcentage of Pure Aloe Vera, that´s why it gently cleanses hair. Due to its unique properties, it fights a ...

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Moiturizing Lotion

Contains 30% Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E and Bee Wax - 150ml. Dry and sensitive skin needs special treatment. our formula with 30% Pure Aloe Vera, vitamin E and bee wax softens and renews skin leaving it moisturized ...

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Pure Aloe Vera Skin Gel

Skin Treatment. Contains 98% Pure Aloe Gel - 150ml. Thanks to the richness of nutrients in our Pure Alo Vera, this gel functions as a cellular regenerator. Use it as after sun or apply over irritated skin after shavi ...

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Shock: recuperación capilar 317

Hemos desarrollado una amplia línea de productos para el cuidado de tu cabello de a cuerdo a cada necesidad: El Shock de Brillo - Extra brillo y suavidad, protege, nutre e hidrata otorgando brillo y suavidad. Indica ...

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Kit de Coloración Crema Hedaly Plus Complex

Es la única coloración crema que te brinda un color perfecto y un cuidado intensivo del cabello. Su formula cubre 100% las canas con tonos parejos y duraderos. El sistema Complex Natural Color combina emolientes natura ...

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Nettle Shampoo

The Nettle Line is the most complete and effective line to stop hair loss. Nettle natural components combined with vitamin and bioorganic ingredients give intense toning to the scalp and strengthen the hair shaft by giv ...

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Plastic combs, from cellulose acetate. Hand finished.Carey or tortoise colours. Otehr colours. ...

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