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Goy Widmer & Cia. S.A.


Our company, Goy Widmer & Cia. S.A., is an Argentine company which specializes in the production of raw materials for the industries which manufacture products such as bakery, pastry and pastry with fruit.

We have an experience of more than 40 years in the national business and a growing participation in the main Latin American markets (Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica) as well as markets such as the USA and Israel. Our costumers list is formed by more than 300 direct dealers and users in the national market as well as abroad.

Our company has developed one of the biggest and most modern production lines of candied and dried fruit in Latin America, with a production capacity of 7000 tons a year and the offer of a wide variety of fruit in different presentations (colour, size, packaging, a.s.o)

Our objective is to present our products to you and know if your are interested in it, so that you can have a complete view of what we offer and have you can visit our web page.


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Homero Lanza


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Monte Cristo


Ruta Nacional 19 Km 315  315




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