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Molinos Cañuelas


Argentine Wholesale Company Molinos Cañuelas. Argentine Supplier Agricultural Products, Food. Animal/Veg Fats & Oils Chem Modified, Inedbl Mxt Etc, Bread, Pastry Cakes Etc: Comm Wafers, Empty Caps Etc, Cereal Groats, Meal And Pellets, Malt Ext, Food Prep Of Flour Etc Un 50% Cocoa Etc, Oilcake Etc Nesoi, From Veg Fats & Oils Nesoi, Soybean Oil & Its Fractions, Not Chemically Modified, Sunflower-Seed, Safflower Or Cottonseed Oil, Not Ch Mod, Wheat Or Meslin Flour


Company Info

Agriculture, Food


Contact name

Molinos Cañuelas



(54 2226) 421002




Buenos Aires




Kennedy 160




Geographical Location of Supplier


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