Cidegas S.A.

Cidegas S.A.

CIDEGAS S.A. core business is the NGV cylinder manufacturing.

Our facilities are located in the City of Olavarria, province of Buenos Aires, wherein we manufacture Steel cylinders Type I, specifically oriented to the NGV industry.

CIDEGAS S.A., is a Mixed Capitals company, with an important investment in stock options from VITKOVICE a.s. an European company with a vast trajectory superior to 100 years in the steel cylinders business with more than 10.000.000 units manufactured and sold worldwide, a very difficult achievement to match.
We are nowadays present in more than 20 markets worldwide, supplying NGV cylinders not only to the main OEM’s but in the open market, as well.
Our brand new technology and the particular flat faces designs, enables us to manufacture a cylinder with an outstanding weight-volume relationship and diminishing the final length of the cylinder for a better advantage in the vehicles.

Our wide range of products from Cr Mo Steel is composed by the following diameters:
229, 232, 244, 273, 316, 323 and 355 mm and meet the following worldwide standards: IRAM 2526, ISO 4705, ISO 9809, NZ 5454 and ISO 11439 for on board and cascade for storage applications.
Our range of products is composed by durable goods with high standard quality, enabling us to fulfill the most important international standard in order to satisfy our customers demand.

CIDEGAS S.A. is reliability, security, background and guarantee in the NGV Steel Cylinders for vehicles, cascade for storage in filling stations and CNG Racks for mobile gas transport applications.

We are confident of being your best option for the incoming business, beating any existing offer in the market and based on our outstanding price / quality relationship.

We will be delighted to serve and quote you accordingly.

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