Establecimiento La Cumbre S.A.

Establecimiento La Cumbre S.A.

In 1982, with thirty years of experience in the grain industry, Establecimiento La Cumbre opens its plant for the process for the sole elaboration of cookies and panettone. Aligned with the effort and vision of a family committed with the food market by choice and also by conviction, they became a leading pudding manufacturer. In 1991, an export trend is started and products are distributed through various channels in Russia, the U.S., Canada and Brazil. A new strategic exportation plan made it possible to open new markets in Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Angola. As a result of these actions, La Cumbre became the first export company in this line of business in the province of Santa Fe.

In 2002 the company took up a new challenge: improve quality of dietary habits. This was attained by promoting consumption of nutritional and healthy products, with a distinguished value in design and taste, not only in the cookies but also in the panettone segment.

As a result of this course of action, la Cumbre qualified as supplier within the United Nations World Food Program.

At present, ESTABLECIMIENTO LA CUMBRE S.A. aims at consolidating its leadership nationwide and worldwide by pursuing two goals in product manufacturing: Meet the food needs of consumers and keep up with the market trends regarding taste and nutrition. Therefore, in the last years the company has developed new products and built a complete portfolio, which includes a mix of sweet and salty products for all-year consumption.

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