Gastaldi Hnos.S.A.

Gastaldi Hnos.S.A.

Gastaldi Hnos. S.A., with over 75 years of experience, operates four Business units. It measures its success by understanding the commitment it makes to its customers and ensuring quality for its products as the formula for continued growth and success.

Wheat Flour Mill: Wheat flour is manufactured for the domestic market additionally, bran food pellets are produced for animal consumption.

Cereal and Oilseed Storing: The Company is involved in the primary trading of grains, stocking up soybean, corn, sunflower and sorghum. Agrochemicals and seeds are also commercialized, and technical advice is provided to farmers by highly-trained agronomists.

Farming: performs the planting of peanuts, soy bean, corn, sunflower and sorghum on leased land, through its sister company, Nueva Bilbao. Gastaldi participates in a partnership at the highest level with its Peanut farming unit. It maintains a dynamic relationship with its grower groups ensuring quality and traceability.

Peanuts: The entire agriculture production of peanuts goes to the shelling and blanching plants. HPS and blanched peanuts are assigned for export and crushing stock is traded with oil manufacturers.
In its important industrial plant located on Route 158, Gastaldi has an average production of 200 metric tons per day of farmerstock. In the case of blanched peanuts, the daily production reaches 75 metric tons.
Both, the shelling and the blanching plant comprise state of the art technology with in house design expertise tailored to Argentine peanut production.
Gastaldi guarantees it peanut supply with efficient management of it growing unit ensuring competitive cost inputs.
Permanent employees’ staff is around 130 people, to which should be added temporary employees at the time of harvest.

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